About Vision Christiana

Pastor Mary Saldivar

Pastor Mary Lopez is from Harlingen, Texas. GOD called her to the mission field in 1992. She was a missionary evangelist at the Texas/Mexico border for 7½ years.

Pastor Mary served as an evangelist missionary in the Huasteca mountain range for 5½ years before she became a senior pastor. She is now the pastor of Vision Christiana Church in Tamazunchale, Mexico and continues the mission work today. She enters remote villages to spread the wonderful WORD OF GOD.

Vision Christiana is a non-profit organization and is in the process of obtaining a 501-C3 status. We are a non-denominational faith based church and are ordained & licensed in the United States under Hope Ministries of Valley Mills, Texas and Mexico under Vision International of Queretaro.

Although there is a great quantity of vegetation throughout the Huasteca mountain range, there is a lack of food source that would include protein. The village residents include men, women and children who are malnourished due to the lack in food sources that provide the nutrients necessary to grow strong and healthy. This lack of nutrients make them more vulnerable to sickness and disease, especially children and the elderly.

Children of Tamazunchale, Mexico

The living conditions are unsanitary. They live in huts that are handmade of any material. They sleep on dirt floors and there is no running water. They travel far to reach a water source and have no choice but to carry it back to their huts.

Can you imagine living this way? You may wonder why they live in these conditions. The answer is simple...these people do not have a choice. Many of them are abandoned mothers with children, whose husbands went off to find employment in a bigger city or the United States and never returned. The Mexican government does not provide the kind of living assistance that our government provides for some US residents.

Pastor Mary Lopez, along with other loving people are committed to do all within their power to ease the pain of this mass of poverty that binds the children of GOD. We currently transport and distribute food, clothing, medical supplies and much more to over 30 villages, a local prison, retirement home, drug and rehabilitation center and hospital.