Make A Contribution

Help to build Vision Cristiana Church:

Click here to see Progress of Church Building Pictures!
We are asking for your help to finish building Vision Cristiana Church and help the mission work done by Vision Cristiana.

Click to visit a Go Fund Me page setup for Vision Christiana!

If in your prayers, GOD places in your heart the desire to donate to our organization, please send to:

Hope Ministries
P.O. Box 936
Valley Mills, Texas 76689
(Note: On your donation for Mary Lopez)

Or you can send your donation directly to:

Pastor Mary Lopez
613 North “O” St.
Harlingen, Texas 78550

Your contribution to Vision Christiana will allow us to continue to support our mission as well as construction expenses of our sanctuary.

Construction Expenses:
Cement $10.00 50lb Sack
Tie Wire $1.40 per Pound
Rebar per Bar $18.00 ea. & $11.00 for Thinner Size
Cement Block 70 cents ea.
Truck Load of Sand $110.00
Truckload of Gravel $100.00
Truckload of Rock $100.00
Pay for a Worker by Day $15.00 a Person

Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated!